Freestanding Modern Seamless Acrylic Bathtub Burano
This minimalist, rectangular bathtub is strikingly bold and upscale. It’s ergonomic design forms to support bathers for ultimate comfort and it’s extra-deep making it perfect for full-body soaks. The continuous flow of water over the sides of the basin provides a relaxing sensation. Bathers stay warmer than in traditional tubs, as shoulders and torso can be completely submerged

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Color: White
Type: Seamless bathtub
Material: Acrylic with Alkali-free reinforced fiberglass
Layer: Double layer
Drainer: Copper Pedal drainer
1) Tub is made of two acrylic sheets. The air between the sheets acts as a thermal insulator to help retain warmth.
2) Tub has adjustable legs for uneven floors.
3) Faucet sold separately.
Outer bathtub size:
Length: 70 ¼”
Height: 23 ½”
Width: 31 ½”
Inner bathtub size:
Length: 47 ¾”
Height: 18 ½”
Width: 23 ¼”